Frequently Asked Questions for Fundraisers

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RaisinPi is the coupon app that brings together community, cause and commerce. We are revolutionizing both fundraising for non-profit organizations and local marketing for advertisers. 

  • For non-profit organizations, RaisinPi is an automated fundraising platform. Participating organizations earn 60% of any proceeds generated back to the organization. 
  • For advertisers, RaisinPi is a free local store marketing platform that delivers dynamic coupons from their business to RaisinPi members. 
  • For consumers, RaisinPi is a geo-targeted coupon app filled with great savings from local retailers, restaurants, entertainment & attractions and online savings, too. By purchasing a $25 one-year membership to RaisinPi, consumers can support any participating non-profit organization and access money saving offers, wherever they are. 

RaisinPi terms and definitions 

A school or youth league that has been approved by RaisinPi to promote a RaisinPi Drive for the purpose of raising funds for their non-profit organization. 

A fundraising campaign for a RaisinPi approved non-profit organization with the intent to raise funds for a specific purpose. RaisinPi offers fundraisers the opportunity to run two different types of Drives, Active or Passive. 

Our most successful type of Drive, Active Drives, have individuals (students, athletes, or parents) promote and sell RaisinPi memberships for their fundraiser. We call these individual sellers, Drivers. 

Active Drives offer the ability to assign goals or quotas and track the sales of both individual Drivers and groups of Drivers, such as classes, grade levels or teams. Throughout an Active Drive, RaisinPi provides each individual Driver with their own promotional tools and engages them regularly through email with sales tips, reports and goal tracking. There is no limit to the number of Drivers you can have in an Active Drive. 

In a Passive Drive, you, as the RaisinPi contact for your organization, are the only person promoting and selling RaisinPi to your organization and community. RaisinPi provides you with everything you’ll need to promote and sell online, via email, social media and face to face. 

A RaisinPi Driver is any person that promotes and sells RaisinPi memberships on behalf of an Active Drive. 

The amount of money that an organization is trying to raise with its Drive. In the case of an Active Drive, individual Drivers can also be assigned a goal amount or quota. 

Any person that purchases a one-year membership to RaisinPi on behalf of a particular Drive. 

Fundraising with RaisinPi 

No. It is free for organizations to sign-up and participate in RaisinPi. 

RaisinPi is available to non-profit organizations only. Currently, we are enrolling non-profit schools and youth leagues. 

A RaisinPi membership is $25. From the date of purchase, supporters receive a full year of great savings from local retailers, restaurants, entertainment & attractions, and online savings, too. 

Your organization will earn 60% of all proceeds. So, for every $25 one-year RaisinPi membership sold by your organization, you will receive $15. There is no limit to the amount you can raise. 

The easiest way for RaisinPi to pay your organization is through your organization’s PayPal account. Each $25 RaisinPi Membership purchased on behalf of your Drive will result in $15 immediately being deposited into your organization’s PayPal account. PayPal is the recommended method for payout, however; there are other options available if your organization does not have a PayPal account. 

If your organization does NOT have a PayPal account, email us at for an alternate solution that will pay your organization via check on a quarterly schedule. 

No. Supporters can choose to purchase RaisinPi Memberships online with a credit card or their PayPal account. 

No. A one-year RaisinPi membership is $25 for everyone. 

Yes. One of the many benefits of using RaisinPi as your Fundraiser is that word spreads. Regardless of date and location, you will be paid 60% for each membership sold by your organization.  

Registering my organization for RaisinPi 

Simply go to and sign up to participate. Once registered, we'll email you with access to your secure RaisinPi portal where you’ll create your Fundraising Drive.  

Your RaisinPi Portal is where you’ll create and manage your fundraising Drive for your organization and have access to materials to promote and sell RaisinPi memberships to your community.  

  • Confirm that your organization is a non-profit school or youth league 
  • Select how your organization will be paid by RaisinPi: 
    • PayPal account (direct deposit after each RaisinPi purchase) or 
    • By check (mailed on a quarterly basis) 
  • Submit a Taxpayer Identification Form (W9) for your organization 

You define the start and end dates based on when you want to begin promoting your Drive and the time you think it will take to reach your financial goals. Our most successful Drives are typically eight weeks.  

Yes. The only information published or shared is determined exclusively by you for the purposes of promoting your Fundraising Drive to your community. If you have any additional questions, please see our full Privacy Statement:  

Promoting and Selling RaisinPi 

In an Active Drive, individuals in your organization (students, athletes or parents) promote and sell RaisinPi Memberships to their family, friends and community.  You can assign each Driver goals, quotas and track their individual sales. The greatest advantage to an Active Drive is that RaisinPi handles most of the administrative tasks for you. This includes emailing status updates to you, emailing your Drivers with sales information, tips and sales reports and providing customer service.   

In a Passive Drive, you’re the only person promoting and selling RaisinPi to your organization and your community. RaisinPi provides you with everything you’ll need to promote and sell online, via email, social media and face to face.  

Yes. You can track overall and individual sales progress towards goals.  

Upon approval, you will be provided several customizable tools in your RaisinPi Portal to help you promote your Drive. 

  • Pre-written email messages to send to your community 
  • Social media share options for Facebook and Twitter 
  • Automated emails to Drivers with RaisinPi sales tips (Active Drives only) 
  • Downloadable and printable flyers 
  • RaisinPi video 
  • Customized Sales Page 

The online Sales Page is where your supporters come to learn everything about your Drive and to purchase memberships to RaisinPi. 

Your Drive comes with its own unique Sales Page. The link to your Sales Page will be used in all your online promotional materials (see above). Here your Supporters can: 

  • Read about your Drive 
  • Watch the video detailing the Drive 
  • See the available local coupons and online savings 
  • Buy one or more Membership(s) to RaisinPi with their PayPal account or credit card 

If you are running an Active Drive, each of your Drivers will have their own customized Sales Page, too.  

Supporters are directed to either the organization’s Sales Page or an individual Driver’s Sales Page. From there, they can buy their RaisinPi membership using PayPal or Credit Card. Your Drive is credited for any purchase made on your organization Sales Page or any of your Drivers Sales Pages.  

Yes. Supporters can purchase as many memberships as they’d like, and then they can send them as gifts to friends, family or colleagues through the RaisinPi app. 

In your RaisinPi Portal we’re provided an easy template that allows you to post information about your Drive on Facebook or Twitter with one click. When supporters click on the Facebook graphic or link on Twitter, they're taken directly to your Sales Page where they can buy RaisinPi memberships. 

In your RaisinPi Portal we’ve provided you with a pre-written email that includes a link to your Sales Page where supporters can buy RaisinPi memberships. Copy and paste the email into your email program and send to anyone you’d like.  

If you have an upcoming meeting, family gathering or neighborhood event, you can sell RaisinPi memberships right on your phone, tablet or computer. Open your sales page and your Supporters can see information and a video about your Drive, the local coupons, and online savings available. They can then buy membership(s) using PayPal or their credit card.  

Absolutely! RaisinPi is a national platform and has coupons from many brands with thousands of locations across the U.S. and includes online savings, too.  

Your organization has no responsibility because RaisinPi will manage the relationship and the delivery of a quality product to them throughout their year-long membership. Our Customer Success team is responsible for making sure that your Supporters are happy with our product and getting the most value out of their membership.   

About Advertisers / Coupons 

There is unlimited space for coupons on the app. However, in order to deliver a membership that consumers value and are likely to renew, we are only allowing offers to restaurants, retailers, entertainment and attractions. 

RaisinPi will secure local and national Advertisers to submit coupons for the app. Advertisers can submit coupons for free on RaisinPi. 

Simply send them an email invitation to RaisinPi by selecting the "Invite a Business" feature in the app or you can tell them to visit We'll handle it from there.  

RaisinPi is filled with valuable coupons from national, local and online retailers, restaurants and entertainment & attractions. We offer a wide range of discounts like buy one get one free, 50% off admission and more. Most of the offers can be used over and over again.  

What is RaisinPi ?

The technology that brings community, cause and commerce together.



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