Frequently Asked Questions for Advertisers

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RaisinPi is the technology that brings together community, cause & commerce. Our intent is to revolutionize both non-profit fundraising and local marketing for Advertisers, organizations and consumers.

  • For Advertisers, RaisinPi is a free local marketing platform that delivers dynamic coupons from your business to RaisinPi members.
  • For non-profit organizations, RaisinPi is an automated fundraising platform that donates 60% of any proceeds generated back to the organization.
  • For consumers, RaisinPi is a geo-targeted coupon app filled with great savings from local retailers, restaurants, entertainment & attractions. By purchasing a 1-year membership to RaisinPi, consumers can donate to a local participating non-profit organization while receiving great offers wherever they are.

An Advertiser is a business that has been approved by RaisinPi to run Campaigns that will push coupons to RaisinPi members exclusively through the RaisinPi mobile app.

A Campaign is an Advertiser’s coupon that runs for a specified period of time in the RaisinPi app and is good at any or all of the locations you add through the portal. You control the branding, the messaging and details of your offer in real time.

Advertising with RaisinPi is free.

Retailers, Restaurants, Entertainment & Attractions are eligible.

Submit our Advertiser screening form online, simply go here and click Get Started: Once you submit your information we'll create your account and send an email containing instructions for logging in and how to get started.

Yes. Once you've registered your business with RaisinPi online and have received your Advertiser login email, you'll have access to our secure portal where you can easily create your Campaign online and begin adding participating locations.

You’ll also have access to our Advertiser Success team dedicated to making your experience with RaisinPi an epic one. So, feel free to use our real-time online chat support, call us at 1-844-803-7417, or email us if you need some help!

Because it's delivered on an app, you have the capability to create dynamic coupons in your personal RaisinPi Advertiser portal. All that we require is for you is to commit to have a valid coupon for 1-year from the time you register to advertise with RaisinPi.

Yes, you have the option to submit more than one Campaign at a time.

Yes. Whether you are a small business with one location or a corporation with thousands of stores, our Advertiser's portal gives you simple to use tools to make your coupons available wherever you choose.

No, RaisinPi is not meant to replace Spirit Nights. Spirit Nights are a great community event that typically partners local organizations & businesses for one evening with the goal of raising money. RaisinPi is a platform that can be used independently of any other community based promotions you’re already participating in.

Most consumers will find out about RaisinPi by receiving marketing communications from a participating organization. To become a member, they’ll download RaisinPi in the app store and then purchase a 1-year membership to the app for $25.

As an Advertiser, your coupons will reach all RaisinPi members based on their location regardless of their organization affiliation. Once in-app, members will be provided options for viewing available coupons based on how close they are to your location(s).

What is RaisinPi ?

The technology that brings community, cause and commerce together.



What Is RaisinPi